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» Quiz: BI/Lez Girls.....Wanna Fuck ME? ((pics))
BI/Lez Girls.....Wanna Fuck ME? ((pics))
created by Chicky12345

ooooo....ahhh....::moans:: yum

1.) We are at your house and we are all alone, and i sit on your lap, and i stick my finger into your vagina...what do you do???
figer me back
fuck me
take off my clothes and lick my whole body
take off your shirt and bra and rub then against my body

2.) we are at the movies...and you are wearing a skirt, and i am rubbing the inside of your thigh and then gently sticking my finger into your vagina...
taking my hand and sticking it in deeper...and deeper, and moan....
do the same to me excpet harder, and making it hurt like hell....!!!!!
get down on the ground in front on my seperated legs and stick your tongue into my vagina hole, and moving it around..........and making it hurt!!! :)
take my hand out... :(

3.) we are alone in my house, and i am naked and i am laying on the ground, my legs seperated and i am moaning for you....what do you do???
You get naked and lay on top of me, kissing
fuck me
get in between my legs, and finger me and stick your tungue into it too
tell me to get my clothes on....:(
finger yourself staring

4.) I tell you to stick something up my vagina crack, an object, and i get my underwear off...and i open my legs....what do you stick up my vagine...eh?
my finger
my tongue
a pen
a mascara bottle
anything long, and jam it in to make it hurt insanly, and make me cry for you to stop...but you dont until i bleed.....(yummy)

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