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» Quiz: Which British alternative band are you?
Which British alternative band are you?
created by angry_little_princess

British music is better than American music. So there.

1.) Which of these song lyrics best sums up your feelings on love?
If you've lost your faith in love and music then the end won't be long
Love is natural and real, but not for such as you and I my love
It's funny how it tears me apart, first it breaks your head then your heart.
I'm cutting and I'm bleeding here with you
You're so gorgeous I'll do anything, I'll kiss you from your feet to where your head begins
Please don't make my wedding dress, I'm too young to marry yet
Everythings better when she's around, I can't wait till her parents go out of town, I fell in love with the girl at the rock show

2.) What is your general attire?
Wiry black hair, lots of eyeliner, lipstick, black clothing
Dunno really. Jeans, t shirts, worn leather jackets. 50's suit. Red military jacket maybe. Stuff from Camden Market
The occasional boiler suit, but on the whole very classy and suited and booted nicely
Black Polyester trousers. T-shirt. Long hair, a bit greasy. Maybe some interesting facial hair.
It depends. Usually anything bright and quirky. I've got a Spice Girls dress which I wear a lot. Black hair, kinda messy. Heels
Nowadays it's mainly suits. But back in the day I dressed very differently from most. NO LEATHER OR FUR.
Stuff from Hot Topic. MADE clothing. Atticus gear. GO AMERICA!!!!

3.) Where abouts in the good ole British Isles are you from?

4.) What best describes your musical style?
Deep, thought provoking lyrics, with a sense of irony and black humour, coupled with beautiful heartmelting guitar lilts
The energy and spontenaity of the Clash, but with hugely honest and personal lyrics. At times quite tender and reflective.
Quirky and eclectic. There is no one around like us. At times our songs sound like a whirl of paranoia due to saxaphone parts and manic vocals
Reinventing the baggy scene. We utilize electronic elements to our advantage, and are somewhat reminiscent of Primal Scream.
Started out as a mix of punk and blues, but has mellowed slightly into a more mature, folksy sound. Highly evocative lyrics are a trademark.
Largely upbeat, but with darker undertones. We use brass sections frequently and do not understand why we are labelled goth

5.) What makes you different from other bands?
Well, for starters, I'm a woman. My music is much more provocative and deep than a lot of bands, and I am not afraid to experiment.
Our chameleon like changes. From brass led upbeat tracks you can't help but dance to, to mellow, dark, lilting guitar parts.
Our prevelant use of saxaphone and unusual mix of jazz, rock, blues, soul, pop and traditional indie make us highly unique
Our driving, heavy basslines and our pouding, almost frantic beats. We alos invented the phrase polyphonic prostitutes
Everything that's good about British songwriting, we did it first. We are one of the most iconic bands of all time.
We're a group of lovable rouges, who you can't help but adore. We are all the good things from every great British band packed into one
We're not different. We're the same poseur-pop-punk mainstream crap that has been being made for years, but we're still insanely popular

6.) What could be your band's possible downfall?
The dictator-like leadership of our lead singer. No one else gets so much as a mention.
The intense love-hate relationship between the frontmen. The mission of self destruction that one of the frontmen has embarked on, drugs and all.
If we become to stale. There's only so much you can do with a synthesiser.
Many failed relationships putting a strain on my nerves. It's also hard to top a Mercury Music Award winning album.
The current love of our sax-happy sound may turn out to be a passing fad.
The competition between singer/lyricist and guitarist. They are likely to have a monumentous fall out.
If the people of the world wake up and realise what good music is and that, err, we're not it.

7.) Who are your famous friends?
Anyone into music in London, really. Wolfman, The Others, Razorlight, The Queens Of Noise, we know everyone.
When you've been around as long as we have, you meet pretty much everyone. We met Dizzee Rascal last year. He was cool.
Anyone who's anyone in the British music industry cites us as an influence. We've met pretty much everyone, what with being around so long.
My string of cool indie ex-boyfriends, Vincent Gallo being one of them,
We're too new to know anyone really, but The Coral and Oasis are fans
NME love us. We've met a few people at award ceremonies and stuff, but we're too new to really know that many people.
The dudes from Good Charlotte, Sum 41 and Avril Lavigne! They so totally rock!

8.) And finally, what lyric best defines you as a band?
He knows there's few more distressing sights than that of an Englishman in a baseball cap
You shut your mouth, how can you say I go abou things the wrong way? I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does.
Here comes the morning and I'll say goodbye, but I won't turn around coz your reason is treason.
You may, you might, your chest gets tight, you say you love day but you come out at night.
I tried to laugh about it, cover it all up with lies, I tried to laugh about it, hiding the tears in my eyes, coz boys don't cry.
See this winged boy falling, falling out of something, hits the drug I'm needing
He was a sk8er boy......

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