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» Quiz: which from first to last member are you?
which from first to last member are you?
created by omgxashley

do it btch!

1.) ur sittin' alone in ur room..you currently..??
get to downstair..and..and..kitchen counter..yeh
smoke weed..maybe a little drink
Take your sexy photographs
on the phone with your gf/bf
playing Halo 2

2.) How would you like to die?
shoot self
choke by someone
cut urself
been broke ur heart by ur gf/bf

3.) Choose to be one of these..
I am an outlaw btch....
fuck you, I dont wanna be one of these shit
Strawberry cupcakes...count?
Alien killers

4.) Pick the lyrics
No matter what I say, no matte what I write here I'm sick of always lookin at this page with a blank stare.
Trapped by pretty eyes and letters for all time...the only thing that i've been waiting for
I might be ur baby's daddy but that doesnt mean shit..when every dude on the block knows that ur a trick..
Please dont believe my words are lackin honestly, i'll be the boy you cant resist you'll be ten tenth girl on my list..
Comparing to the last time that we had spoke it seems to me that ur not happy like u used to be..

5.) so..do you have any friends?
Just a couple friends..
yeh, i've got a lot of friends..Im an open-minded person
fuck yeh..!!!
yeh my amazing gf/bf and my band

6.) Things you cant live without....
My comp???
Hot sex...
My gf/bf.....
smoke weed, more drink

7.) Whats ur fav. band?
Bleeding Through
Name taken
The smiths
River city rebels

8.) say somthing...
aww shit..
Fuck you..btch
like what...???

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