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» Quiz: are you a attention seeker with out knowing it?? ((pictures))
are you a attention seeker with out knowing it?? ((pictures))
created by uselesstocry

do you seek attention with knowing it or not knowing it? or are you really depressed

1.) when your in a crowd you
you sit ther minding your own business
look sad and derpessed
talk to them have fun
talk and luagh a little get into talking but still in own world
try to start some drama to watch people fight
play around luaghing haveing a great time

2.) when your alone you
write poetry, draw, listen to music
call people ask to hang out
talk on line, do stuff that needs to be done
sit in your room full of candles and sad music in back round
talk to your brother/sister or someone about stuff that happened at school
watch t.v jam to music

3.) colour
black and reds ((dark colours))
reds grays and purples.. ((dark but light colours))
yelows pinks oranges greens ((brighter colours))

4.) are you suicidle?
from time to time
yes very much so
not really
yeah i ave done it once or twice
i think about it alot
all the time man thats what i am alive for is to die

5.) do you tell people you are?
i like to keep it to myself
i tell all of my friends .. every single one of them
only my closest friends.. or maybe just one close friend
i tell my friends.. not all of them though

6.) do you cut yourself?
yeah but i like to keep that secret
not really but i have tried it before

7.) do you tell your friends?
only if they see my cuts..
yeah i show them but they always get mad at me
i dont have anything to tell them because i dont do it

8.) do you like getting in fights
no i like to be alone stay away from the drama
yeah there so fun!!
nnaaahhh i just enjoy watching them

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