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» Quiz: What Lord of the Rings race are you?
What Lord of the Rings race are you?
created by Ben

1.) What do you look like?
Average height, slightly over weight, regular really.
Tall, Blonde, Pointy Ears
Small, Fat, bearded
Small,Hairy, Weak
Strange Skin Colour, Kinda Ugly
...a tree.

2.) What is number one on your priority list?
Protecting your Family and Land
Protecting you Kinsmen
Riches and Beer
Serving your master
Settling Down in your hobbit hole
Protecting your friends from 'fire and axes'

3.) What Clothes do you wear?
Plain and Simple
Elegant and Pretty
Strong and Shiny
Grotty and Ripped
Simple, but small size
I don't wear clothes
I make my clothes from plants

4.) Who do you hate?
Orcs and Sauron

5.) Where do you live?
In a forest
I dwell in the mountains
Next to a big volcano
In the peaceful country
In a small wood with my friends
In castles and forts

6.) What do you think to this quiz?
Lame and Stupid!
It was very good
It was pretty good, I'll get the next round...
It was a big waste of my time
It was almost as good as when Isildur chopped the ring from Saurons hand!

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