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» Quiz: Are u straight bi or lesbian (chix only!)
Are u straight bi or lesbian (chix only!)
created by Smurfette

Have you ever thought about it but u werent sure? Find out here!

1.) Do u think your

2.) Have you ever noticed another girl in the change rooms at skool or anywhere else?
Ya all the time
Once or twice maybe
Ewww never

3.) Have you ever had a b/f?
Yes lotz or them
Ya a few
Maybe but it doesnt seem right

4.) Lets say you were at a friends sleep over and one thing led to another and now your friend totally wants 2 finger you!
Never ever!
I guess i could let her this once...
Sure it would b fun!

5.) Whats the furthest you've gone or r willing 2 go with a gurl?
All the way i guess
Im not sure i guess ill have 2 try it
A hug and no more!

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