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» Quiz: Would we make a good couple? (guys, Bi/Lesbian females) *PIX!!*
Would we make a good couple? (guys, Bi/Lesbian females) *PIX!!*
created by a_modern_romance

1.) Do you have a problem with bigger females?
i have bigger friends, i just dont find bigger people attractive..
well, if i was to date a bigger chick, she'd have to have beautiful facial features, or something about her that totaly amazes me.

2.) If we were to go on a date, what would we be doing?
going to see a movie and walking around downtown together, laughing, flirting..
what ever i wanna do..
maybe a concert, and afterward a party.
at your house watching movies with your family.

3.) what color are you eyes?
what ever color contact i feel like wearin..

4.) whats your favorite type of music?
all kinds, anything from manson, to eminem, to eltion John, Rammstein, MSI, VNV NAtion..all kinds.. pop, Jazz, Rap, Folk, MEtal, Rock, Alternitive.Ect

5.) We are alone together in my room, no one home and we've been dating for about 3 months. What do you suppose we are doing?
watching movies, and cuddling. it shouldn't go very far..
something sexual
joking around, being silly, maybe looking up funny sites online.
what ever happens happens..

6.) lets say i call you up and i am terriably upset about something..what do you say?
shut up and go to bed..
It all will be okay.. and the next day give me a rose.
oh well....

7.) so you do drugs, smoke or drink?
nope.. ugh
i smoke
i drink socially, and when i do its not alot.
i drink alot
i do drugs...
i do all of it..
i've tried a little of it all in the past, and it just doesn't tickel my pickel..

8.) do you think about sex....
hardly any
its the VERY last tihng on my mind..
sex is so over rated. i'd rather cuddle, and hug. save sex or a MUCH later time..much much later..

9.) do you plan on going to collage and doing something constructive with your life?
yes. deffinatly..
nah.. school just isn't for me..
maybe one day.. imma drop out of high school and get my GED.

10.) I don't have the perfect body, i am 51, sorta-overweight. Blue eyes, black sholder-length hair. nice lips. and loves to laugh. whats you firdt thought?
Humm..sounds wonderful...
ugh.. fat ass..
sounds neat. i love to laugh too
not dating material, i only like skinny chicks.

11.) do you like going to see musicals onstage like Dracula, Chicago..etc
yes. i enjoy it very much..
nahh.. not my thing
hate it.. its gay..

12.) how old are you?

13.) ignore last qustion..How old are you?

14.) are you open minded?
yes.. very..
i dunno

15.) do you play video games alot?
yes, love em. cant live with them!
sometimes. not much though
i do a good bit.

16.) if you see something that looks horriable on me (hair do, clothing, make-up...ect..) would you honestly tell me it looked bad?
yes and help you correct it to perfection.
i'd be to shy probly..
maybe.. after i get done laughing over it..

17.) I tell you i am into body modification (piercings, branding, scarification, tattoos...ect..) and i show you all my body mods, whats ur reaction?
thats awesome. wanna see all mine?
ew...scarification? your fucking crazy..
thats kool. its not my thing, but if you like it, go for it.

18.) for some reason, i get put into the hospital. when/if you come and see me what would you bring me?
nothing at all..
a rose and a get well, balloon.
a teddy bear and a rose

19.) I am pretty laied back, mellow i suppose. But i do have a bad attuide when it somes to standing up for myself. but i don't fight over little things..i will usally let the other person win if it over something petty..do you think this is a good quality in a g/f?
yes. Definatly!
its alright i suppose
no. i like my girl to be submissive in EVERY way.
yes/ its good to see a girl stick up for her self..
nah.. its not a good quality in a GF i lvoe to get into arguements..

20.) suppose we aer out somewhere and someone i dont care to mch for approaches me and is bragging about how he stole everything he is wearing and i totaly disagree with him and tell him i dont like ppl like him, and basicly tell him off.. what do you think?
woah.. amazing..
thats good for you....i suppose

21.) are you getting tired of this quiz yet?
nah.. i could go on for ever..

22.) whats ur favorite color(s)?
geen & Black
red and black
neon green

23.) do people say you get mad easily?
nahh. im pretty mellow and laied back
sometimes.. i do get into fights only when thee is a good enough reason..

24.) whats your view on rape, molesation, physical/mental abuse?
nothing wrong with it ..
ugh. it disqusts me... i wanna kill a person who ever does any of these things..

25.) do you play any instroments?
yes. in the school band..
gutiar (bass,acustic, or electric)
none. i have not that kind of intelligence..

26.) this is over.. what do you think?
its about time!
god damn u fucking whore, that was a long quiz

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