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» Quiz: What color are you?
What color are you?
created by xDreaminOfYoux

what color best describes you???

1.) How do you normally dress?
a low-cut tube top and miniskirt
jeans and a bright tee shirt with glitter
A tee shirt with a funny saying on it and cargo pants
a button down shirt and a skirt
jeans and a cute shirt
a blouse and jeans
a miniskirt and tank top, but not too low cut
baggy pants and a hoodie
a skirt and blouse
cargo pants, combat boots, and a black hoodie

2.) You are at a party. What are you doing?
flirting! what else
dancing. you are the best dancer there.
standing with your friends
chatting in a large group, maybe dancing a little
helping with refreshments
dancing with your bf
standing there alone, not really doing anything
quietly chatting with some friends
crashing it
what party

3.) What kind of grades do you get?
lets not go there! i just cant seem to concentrate on my work.
not great. I do try though, i have tutoring and stuff
mostly C's
I'm good at Science and Math, but not as good at English and History
I'm good and English and History, but not as good at Science and Math.
Mostly B's
pretty mixed
all B's, all the time
straight A's
grades? who really frickin cares?

4.) Your favorite movies are...
comedies and action
basically anything
chick flicks
i dont care
i dont have a specific prefenence but nothing too gory or with alot of swearing

5.) You feel most at home...
with a big group of people
somewhere wild and loud
In a bright, energizing room
with a group of close friends
in my room
i dont know
with my family
in the dark

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