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» Quiz: You are the horse! With Coooool Pictures!!!!!!!!!
You are the horse! With Coooool Pictures!!!!!!!!!
created by funkypony

You are questioned on what you would do if you were a horse.

1.) If your rider pionted you at a big jump then you were used to what would you do!
Go up to it skittishly and decide if it is alright then jump the oxer.
You are anxious to get over the jump and willing to take the challenge!
You are to lazy to do the jump and knock down the whole fence while slowing down!
You settle into a slow gait and nervously take the jump but barely clear it for you don't think you have the ability!
You ride as if you are going over the jump but then stop right in front of it and your rider ends up flying over the jump!

2.) Your owner comes into the pasture intending to catch you what do you do?
You play your OWN game of tag and after a while those oats sound pretty good.
You come willingly for you love to work and ride.
You come stright to your owner for there is always a carrot for you and a good patting.
You come slowly for tou want to play with your friends but do want to go on an exiting trail ride!
You run to the other side of the pasture and your owner chases you until she gives up.

3.) You are are brought to a fair and are giving rides out to little kids, how do you react?
You gingerly prance around being very gentle but showing off among the crowd.
You are very energetic and the children are having a hard time controlling you for going round in circles is very boring.
You clumsily walk around not minding the treats and carrots that are given to you inturn for a short ride.
You walk at a steady pace for you enjoy the new sights and sounds of this new place and love the children.
You are very stubborn and try to throw the bigger kids off your backs when you can but are gentle when the little ones go on.

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