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» Quiz: How would you die in my story?
How would you die in my story?
created by pEnGuInS_kIlL

muahhhh too show the horrible way you will die in my story

1.) you know the deal
white gray...along those lines
ooo yellows and reds and some orange.....
black brown something like that
::moans:: harder....
hmmm i like them all....
uhhh green blue...bright colors

2.) you see a man in a clown suit, carrying a knife, and babbling. he charges at you. what do you do?
you fight him off and take his knife (crazy fucker!!)
run away and hide.
run to the park and hide under a bench
take the knife and fuck that fucker
stand there
hide on a telephone pole

3.) ok the clown man's gone so you keep walking. you go into a store cause youre hungry. the shopkeeper looks you up and down. you:
cuss him out and leave
play with the lighters
look back at him and leave
take him into the bathroom and......
buy some lightbulbs and doritos
get some twinkies and run

4.) youre headed back home, and you see your best friend. shes sitting on the sidewalk. you:
poke her and tell her to get up
keep walking
sit on her lap

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