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» Quiz: Which Breakfast club character are you?
Which Breakfast club character are you?
created by inlovewiththe80s

1.) What is your fav. color?

2.) what best fits your style?
pink shirt with a cute skirt(80's prep look)
green swaeter with khakis
black baggy sweater with an awesome blue skirt and cool scarf
blue jeans and a blue muscle shirt
red flantal shirt and blue jean jacket with grey pant (look like dickies) and a glove with the fingers cut out

3.) what's your fav lunch?
pixie stick and corn chip sandwitch with coke
2 sandwitchs a big bag of chips a coke and an apple
or a sandwitch and soup
what the prepy girl is wearing

4.) how do you get detention?
nothing better to do
gun went off in your locker
skipping class to go to the mall
everything... you live there
picking on the nerds and tapeing theyre butt together
cause your weird

5.) what clubs are you in?
everying... i was also voted prom queen
nothing... im in my own little world
chess, math...any thing smart
any thing to do with sports

6.) how do you dance?
head bang
80's jumping around...
with a mean face and moving your arms up and down
like a pretty little preppy girl

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