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» Quiz: Which one of my female friends would be perfect for you?
Which one of my female friends would be perfect for you?
created by vampyrx

Find out which of my friends or even me would be perfect for u

1.) Firstly... which of the following interests you most?
Beauty Therapy
Smoking Weed
Clubs & Pubs
Burger King
Watching TV

2.) And which car out the following would you most like to have....
Fiesta Zetec
Ford Escort
Fiat Uno
Ford Focus
Ford Fusion
Landrover Discovery
Renault Cleo
Ford MondeoJaguar X Type

3.) Out of the list bellow which would you find most attractive...
Average Build, 5ft6ins Tall, Long Brunnette Hair, Blue Eyes
5ft3ins Tall, Green Eyes, Long Dark Blonde Hair, Average Build
Overweight, Brown Eyes, Shortish Black Hair, 5ft5ins Tall
Slightly Overweight, Shoulder length Brunnette Hair, 5ft5ins Tall, Brown Eyes
Overweight, Hazel Eyes, 5ft2ins tall, Brunnette Hair Extensions
Black Dreadlocked Hair, Brown Eyes, Thin Build, 5ft8ins tall
Short black hair, 5ft3ins tall, slightly overweight, Brown eyes
Long blonde hair, 5ft6ins tall, Average Build, Blue eyes
Overweight, Short Black Hair, Green Eyes, 5ft3ins tall
5ft8ins tall, Long Blonde Hair, Average Build, Hazel Eyes

4.) And which of the following would you find most attractive...
White, Easygoing, Outgoing, Interesting
White, Outgoing, Good Sense Of Humour, Honest
White, Shy, Moody, Emotional
White, Bitchy, Motivated by Money, Unapproachable
White, Slag, Talkative, Outgoing
Black, Talkative, Good Personality, Good Sense of Humour
Black, Moody, Good Sense of Humour, Tomboyish
White, Outgoing, Trustworth, Loyal
White, Good sense of humour, Talkative, Loyal
White, Loyal, Easygoing, Shy

5.) And which song is your favourite from the list below?
Robbie Williams - Radio
Elvis - Little Less Conversation
Metallica - The Unforgiven
Green Day - Minority
Britney Spears - Toxic
Busted - 3am
Nelly - My Place
The Rasmus - In the shadows
Sean Paul - Like Glue
Linkin Park - From the Inside

6.) And which movie is your favourite from the list below....
Bridget Jones
Pirates of the Caribbean
A Walk To Remember
The Grudge
Triple X
Thirteen Ghosts
Almost Famous

7.) Its valentines day... what gift would you most like to recieve from your girlfriend....
Replica of your Favourite Teams Footbball Shirt
Case Of Beer
Some Kinky sex toys
A new shirt and aftershave
Some DIY Tools
A Teddy Bear
Some new Shoes
A pack of cigarettes
A couple of DVD's

8.) Youve planned to go out at the night with your girl, but you remember that morning you arranged a night out with friends, you call her and explain, how would you want her to respond.....
She tells you its ok, you go and enjoy yourself and she will see you tommorrow
She tells you to enjoy yourself but sounds a little annoyed and shes off on a wild night out with the girls if your out with the lads
She says fine slams down the phone and follows you around when your out that night
She says shes coming to and your not allowed to drink otherwise your breaking up
She says fine and arranged for an ex boyfriend to come and stay at hers
She says ok, and stays in getting drunk
She breaks up with you and tells you se always fancied your mates anyway!
She says fine she already had other plans so you enjoy yourself and she will ring you next week sometime
She says ok, But bombards you with phone calls the whole night!
She says ok as long as you come back to mine afterwards for a little fun ;-)

9.) What is your favourite hobby from the list below?
Listening to music
Watching DVD'S
Eating Burgers
Pubs and Clubs
Downloading Songs of the Internet
Playing Football

10.) You ask your girlfriend to a family party. What is the response you want.....
Yes sure, She buys herself some new clothes and even offers to drive so you can drink
Yes sure, Just let me now when your going to pick me up
I will if im not working and will let you know asap
No i dont want to go and your not going either
Ok but i dont think your family will like me
Sure just tell me where and when!
I cant i'm working you go and enjoy yourself
Sure if i can fit it into my busy social life
Ok dont think ive got anything else planned
Oh yes would love to but you will have to buy me a new dress

11.) What would be your ideal first date out of the following...
Straight upstairs and lots of sex
A quick drink in the local bar then back to hers for some action
A night out in pubs and clubs and cab home to yours
Watching your favouriite Footy team
A night out dancing, then a few spliffs
A night out getting very very drunk, kebab and back to yours
Go to watch a movie, a quick drink then walk her home
A meal at burger king
A Mcdonals then a night out round a few bars
A fancy meal, few drinks, and back home to decide on the second date

12.) And which of the following would you most like to see your woman wearing....
Short Skirt, High Boots, Low Cut Top
Jeans, Tight Top, Black Boots
Black Pants, Tight Top, Black Boots
Reebok Tracksuit,
White Pants, Black Top, High Boots, White Jacket
Pink Coat, Pink Top, Black Pants, White Boots
Black Pants, Pink Top, Pink Shoes
Black Dress
Jeans and a T Shirt and Trainers
Skirt, Black Top, Black Boots

13.) Which sport do you like best from the list below?
Reugby League
Rugby Union

14.) What are you most likely to drink on a night out from the following?
JD & Coke
Whiskey & lemonade
Tia Maria & Coke
Smirnoff Ice
Orange Juice
Pint Of Carling
Bacardi & Coke
WKD Blue
Glass of Wine

15.) Finally ... Pick a phrase which you find most attractive...
Elvis is King
I like Sex
Action & Adventure
Watching Football
Rock and Punk Music
Scary Films
Writing Letters
Money Money Money
Alcohol please
Smoke weed every day

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