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» Quiz: Is he crushing on you?
Is he crushing on you?
created by BlackBitch

1.) A blonde-hair cheerleader walks past as you two are walking down the hallway at school what does he do?
He stops her and introduces himself.
He shyly smiles at her.
He looks at you and says dumb cheerleaders, you look way better than her.
He looks at you and says I wish i could hold you up in the air.

2.) Your teacher gives you detention for passing notes during class. After class he..
Gives you a pat on the back.
Ask what all the note passing was about.
Makes fun of you since your finnaly the one to get detention.
Waits for you after detention so he can walk you home.

3.) You go to the Fall Formal but noones dancing. You ask him to help you get the party started by bustin some moveson the dance floor. What does he say?
Youd ask, but he disappered to chase after that cheerleader.
Trust me you don't wanna dance with me. I suck
OK, what the heck.
About time you asked!
ignores you

4.) You get sick and stay home for 2 weeks he is responsible for delivering yourassignments how does he do it?
Stops by twice a week and leaves the homework wit yo momma.
Visits every other day but says outloud that you should think about getting a shower.
He doesn't want to disturb you so he leaves the work with your mom as well as a get well soon card and a can of Campbell's soup.
He visits daily to teach you the new Spanish vocab. words.

5.) When you spend time together how would you describe the vibe?
Great- you know every detail of each other's ives and are totally comfotable with one another.
Great- he loves to tease you, but you know he's joking.
Great-but sometimes he seems a little nervous.
Great-but sometimes he seems really nervous

6.) When he calls you up to chat, what does he usually talk about?
He tells you about his latest crush. (who isn't you)
He talks to you about how sick he is of all his dudes ditching him to be with thier girlfriends.
He mentions stuff he and his buds are planning to do...and sometimes invites you to come along
He mostly ask a lot of questions about wht's goin on wit you.

7.) When youre hanging out at his house to work on the big history project, what music does he play?
Your favorite
His favorite and your least favorite
That great Maroon 5 all your friends have been playing
The mix CD you gave him for his birthday.

8.) The big Halloween party is a couple of days away, and you still don't have a costume. What does he suggest?
A dog
He and his friends are going as the Little Rascals, and he wants you to go as Alfalfa.
he wants to go as a pair-he'll be Simon Cowell and you'll be Paula Abdul
A princess or a queen

9.) What present does he give you for your birthday?
Two fast Two Furious
A journal
Candy his sister bought him to give you
A sculpture he made in art class

10.) Your team is in big volleyball tournament. Where is he?
Home playing his X-box
He wanted to be there, but he had a b-bal game
Somewhere with his friends gettin high
Waiting for you to IM him wth news of you victory or loss.
Cheering his head off in the bleachers.

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