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» Quiz: What breed of horse are you most like?
What breed of horse are you most like?
created by thoroughbredgirl10

This quiz REALLY determines which breed of horse you are most like because it uses actual facts.

1.) If you wanted to be born anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Western America
Eastern America
Northwestern America
Saudi Arabia

2.) If you were a horse, what would your ideal height be?
15-16 hh
14-15.2 hh
14.2-15.2 hh
16.2-17 hh or more
13-14.2 hh
15-15.3 hh
15-16.1 hh
14.1-15.2 hh
15-16 hh
8-10.2 hh
15.3-16.3 hh
11.3-13.2 hh
Just to tell you guys, hh are hands. Hands are the method of measuring a horse. A hand is 4 inches.
Any height!

3.) If you were a horse, what would your personality be like?
courageous, spirited, docile, willing
sensitive, courageous, highstrung, unstable
domineering, independent, headstrong, hardy, yet docile
agile, docile, willing, lively, energetic, tough
spiritful, tractable, willing, speedy, extremely versatile, hardy, frugal, great stamina
gentle, proud, willing, intelligent, great stamina, strong, agile, naturally balanced
Proud, gentle, tractable, energetic, enthusiastic, hardy
kind, willing, somewhat stubborn, very strong, tough, great stamina
strong, hardy, friendly, calm, sociable, active, energetic
hardy, agile, fast, good stamina, docile, enthusiastic, fun, not difficult
intelligent, perceptive, sensitvie, thoughful, thinkers
proud, courageous, spiritful, yet docile, affectionate

4.) What would you like to do if you were a horse?
Dressage, almost all show classes
all-around riding, dressage, jumping, endurance, family horse
general riding, roping, cow pony, barrel racing, trail
publicity, harness, farm work
General riding, ground show classes, halter, some jumping
Shows, festivals, dressage, all-around riding
Performing in Spain for hundreds of people
All-around riding, family horse
Racing, cow pony, rodeo horse, trail horse, harness, polo, show jumping, family horse
Child's pony, harness/drivng, circuswork, companion for horse/person
breeding, racing, steeplechase, show jumping, 3 day eventing, dressage, hunting, polo
Child's show pony, harness, jumping, hunting, endurance

5.) What kind of horse is your favorite
Medium size pony
Tall, lean, big horse
smallest pony ever!
Sturdy, medium to large size horse
Lean medium size horse
Beautiful, medium size horse
Gentle, medium to large size horse
Sturdy, Large Pony
Gentle, HUGE horse
all-around, medium hjorse
lean, small-medium size horse
Beautiful, large horse

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