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» Quiz: Which one of my male friends would be best suited to you?
Which one of my male friends would be best suited to you?
created by vampyrx

Find out which of my male friends is best for you

1.) What song is your favourite from the list below?
The Rock Show by Blink 182
Dont Close Your Eyes By Keith Whitley
Master Of Puppets By Metallica
Call On Me - Eric Prdyz
Hot In Here by Nelly
Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N Roses
Angels By Robbie Williams
Personal Jesus By Marilyn Manson
Califonication By Red hot chilli peppers
Casualty By Sum41

2.) What is your favourite hobby from the list below?
Surfing the Internet
Going out to clubs and pubs
Rugby League
Smoking Weed
Fixing Computers
Listening to Music
Playing the Guitar
Watching DVD's

3.) You ask your man to come to a family party with you... what is the response you want....
I can't i'm working but go and buy yourself a new handbag
I will try get the time off work, but i have no money so you will have to pay!
Sure why and not if theirs alcohol their i'll be their
Sure no problem just let me know the time and day
If i can get away from the wife i'll make it!
Not a chance in hell you family will hate me
Ok sure can you smoke weed their ?
Sure love, heres 200 quid to get yourself some new stuff for it
Not a problem, I'll get the wine!
I will try to make it but will be late because i'm working

4.) What would be your ideal first date out of the following....
Straight upstairs to bed for sex all night long
Out for a fancy meal that back to his for some bedroom action
A drink down at the local pub and a cab ride home
A night out around the local town and then back to yours were he passes out on the sofa
He pick you up go for a nice meal, a few drinks and back home
Get totally drunk in a trendy bar somewhere and lose each other the rest of the night
To the cinema then for a fancy meal
Nice meal, Few drinks and then on to a night club
Picked up and taken for a few drinks before he runs out of money and you pay for the rest of the night
A night out watching your man work as the local DJ

5.) And your ideal mans hair would be...
Short and Ginger
Blonde and Fluffy
Black and Shaven
Black and Short but not quite shaven
Light Brown and Short
Long and grey
None at all
Dark Blonde , Short and well styled
Shaven to the bone! but black when it grows
Ginger yet balding

6.) And which of the following would you most like to see your man wearing....
Striped Jumper, Denim Jeans, Brown Shoes
Black Pants, Black Trainers, Black Jacket
Denim Jeans, Black Shoes, Checked Shirt
Black Jeans, Blue Shirt, Black Leather Jacket
Denim Jeans, Grey Shirt, Black Shoes, Black Denim Jacket
Denim Jeans, Lumberjack Shirt, Black Boots
Baggy Black Kombats, Red T Shirt, Red Cap
Nike Trainers, Lacoste Tracksuit
Black Jeans, Yellow TShirt, Black Cap
Long Leather Trench Coat, Black Pants, Shirt, Black Shoes

7.) Whats your favourite film from the list below?
Bridget Jones Diary
Finding Nemo
Man On The Moon
Indiana Jones
School Of Rock
Fast and The Furious
Pirates Of the Caribbean

8.) Out of these what car would you most like?
Black Renault Clio
Black Ford Fiesta Flight
White Merc Transit Van
Red Vauxhall Corsa
Blue Ford Mondeo
Maroon Granada
Green Land Rover
Red audi TT
Yellow MG Rover
Grey Nissan Micra

9.) And from the following what body would your ideal man have?
White, Tall and Average Weight
Black, Average Height, Atheletic Build
White, Smallish, Thin but Tonned
Smallish, Chunky, white
Greyish white, average height, well aged
Tall, Very thin, white
Average Height, Average Build, Slightly Tanned
Tall, Broad Build, White
Average Heigh, Thin Build, White
Chunky - Broad Build, Tall, White and Ginger

10.) What present from the list below would you prefer to recieve?
A Designer Handbag
Designer Perfume
A box of Chocolates
A pair of socks
Tickets to go and watch your favourite band
A Chinese take out
A pint of larger
A 100 pound to spend
A Couple of Cd'S
A Laptop

11.) You and your man are apart for 2 weeks due to you visiting friends in another country, how would you like him to react?
He misses you, but spends most of his time in the pub back at home with his friends, he rings you a few times to make sure everythings ok
He barely notices you missing, you have to call him to let him know your ok, he's probably sleeping with anyone he sees!
He doesnt answer your calls he doesnt bother calling you, he's sleeping with everyone woman on his street
He calls you the first few days to make sure your ok but when you call him he's blind drunk, but you trust him
He calls and texts you every hour of the day just to make sure your ok and havent ran off with someone else
He calls you every evening to make sure you ok tells you he loves you and hes off the pub
He call you regularly to make sure your ok but gets on with his own thing and lets you get on with yours, you trust each other
He texts you everyday to make sure you havent forgot about him but never quite gets the courage to ring you up
He is in constant touch with you and you talk on the phone for 3 hours everynight
He buys you a expenssive gift for when you get back and calls you a few times to make sure your ok, but you totally dont trust him!

12.) What interests you most out of the following...
Sci Fi Stuff
The Pub
Your Job
The Internet

13.) And which drink would you be most likely to have on a night out.....
A Orange Juice
A Pint Of Thwaits Bitter
A Bottle Of Stella
Vodka And Coke
Triple Shot Of Aftershock
Whiskey and Lemonade
Pint of Kronenberg
Bottle Of Smirnoff Ice
Bacardi and Coke
A Exotic Cocktail

14.) And Finally which of the below best describes you......
I love designer things! I like a man who does what hes told and gets me what i want
I hate the mainstream! I like a man whos a little weird and different but with a heart of gold
I am quite average really! i like normal , boy next door sort of guys
I am outgoing and fun! I like nice guys who will trust me and arnt to preotective
I am quiet and shy! I like guys who will be devoted to me
I am easy going in the main! I like guys with more expierence than me
I am outgoing and love to have fun! I like guys who dont care and do their own thing
I am a designer freak! I like men with money and personality
I am pretty average! I like men who are nice to be around and also quite shy
I am quite alternative! I like tall guys who like to go the pub and have fun!

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