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» Quiz: do girls hate you? (for guys! duh!)
do girls hate you? (for guys! duh!)
created by puRdY_buTTafLy_143

..this is to see if girls hate you!

1.) whats most likely your pick up line?
hey are you changing? do you need help?
so when are you going to tell your bf the bad news, that you leaving him for me?
you give a girl 12 roses and 11 real one fake and say, when the last one dies thats when i'll stop loving you!

2.) your most likely to wear what?
baggy blue jeans, white jersey, sexxi shoes, and some bling bling!
a shirt that exploids women, torn surf shorts, rubber slippers, and hair all messed up!
slaks, geeky shirts with ties, and dress shoes!

3.) when you and your girlfriend are walking a hot chick passes by, what do you do?
stare at her ass when she's walking by and say hey bring that over here!
stare, stare, stare, stare, stare, and stare somemore!
don't even notice the girl is their and stare at your baby girl instead!

4.) some girl walks up to you and says that girl over their likes you! you are most likely too??
walk up to her and say so i heard u liked me, well it think your one ugly thing! exactly what does your mom look like? a baboon?!?
go to the store that night, by some flowers, walk up to her the next day.. get on one knee and say will u be my girl?
run around and tell the whole school that the girl is a total loser and that she likes you!

5.) where would u take a girl on a first date?
walk down the beach,sit on the sand and talk, then walk her home, and peck her on the cheek and say sweet dreams..
to the strip club so i can check some other girls out if the girl is toe-up!
dinner and a movie, plain and simple!

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