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» Quiz: Would I be your sex slave? (Men only)
Would I be your sex slave? (Men only)
created by sethirkopshef

1.) How big is your cock?
Small (under 5 1/2 inches)
Medium (under 7 inches)
Huge (7-12 inches)
Monster (over 12 inches)
Shut the fuck up and suck my dick, slave!

2.) What's your favorite form of sex?

3.) What is your least favorite form of sex?

4.) How often are you going to stick that big, fat, hard cock of your's in me?
When ever I fucking want to you worthless whore! Now shut the fuck up and bend over, slave!
Once or twice a day.
All the fucking time.
Once every few days.

5.) Would you ever loan me to someone as a present?
No, your all mine.
My best friends birthday is coming up...
Only if the persone I was lending you to really needed to be fucked.
All the fucking time!
Only if I get to watch.

6.) Where will i be pleasuring you the most?
At home
Where there is a chance someone will see us.
You are a slave, I'll fuck you when ever I want, where ever I want, however I want.

7.) Any chance I'd ever be the target of a gang bang? If so how many people would get me?
Yes-under five
Yes- 5 or 10
Yes (every night)- 10 or less
You sure would you worthless whore (every night)- 10 or more
You might be every now and again- however many people want to

8.) What's the freakest thing you will do to me?
Nothing, we'll just have regular sex
Frequent spankings
Stick randome object up your ass
Share you with my brother

9.) Where will you cum durring oral sex?
In your mouth
on your face

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