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» Quiz: Are you worthy of reppin the hatchet???
Are you worthy of reppin the hatchet???
created by echo_side_juggalette

this is for all you people that claim to be down with the wicked clowns...........

1.) on the amazing jeckel brothers what song was written by icp and the ghetto boys?
everybody rize
play with me
none of these bitch

2.) in behind the paint violent j told the world that he was molested
what the fuck?
i dont know

3.) who was the original dark lotus members?
violent j,shaggy,esham,blaze,twiztid
abk, blaze, violent j, shaggy, twiztid,
violent j shaggy twiztid blaze mars

4.) in shockumentary what cd cover are they angery about?
tunnel of love
the great melinko
terror wheel
riddle box

5.) what does jrb stand for?
juggalo rebels bitches
nothing i made it up
juggalo rydas bitch

6.) how many times has the wizard of the hood been done?
too many to count

7.) name the ultimate trinity of the father,son and the undying one.
solomon blaze colton grundy
blaze solomon abk
i dont know

8.) what was madrox and monoxides names before twiztid?
hecktic and mr. bones
there names have allway been the same
monox-boogie and tha fat kid

9.) what kmk cd was icp on?
high society
rollin stoned
royal highness

10.) what is the last song on jumpsteady cd the chaos theory?
ninjas in action
chaos theory
joke ya mind

11.) which cd was the original joke ya mind on?
jumpsteadys cd
terror wheel
beverly killz
tunnel of love

12.) finish the lyric....damn i wish i could be a.....
axe murderer

13.) what year did the bizar bizzar cds come out?

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