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» Quiz: Are you Human?
Are you Human?
created by Sejiph

Are you really human? or just a monster in a mask? lol should be a funny quiz

1.) What color is your skin?
Brown(this is the color of human skin, dark-black mediumish-hispanic Light-caucasian(AKA white))
Same as above Just Fair and a lot less...
Same as number one, just Rhino tough.
does fur count?
I have no skin... Scales?
Green and scard
It peels often...
I live inside of someone else.

2.) What is your fav:
playing in the field, and or dancing in the wind.
killing people
Gaining knowledge, to expand my future... eternity
getting all the gold and whores i can get- than top it off with some ale! with a side smoke of pot
Striding the woods, repairing nature.
Sparring, but not killing- I like artsy play, like fencing
I seek power
Lying, deception, suing, sex, and drugs

3.) what do you feel about blood?
mmm... Its a good condiment.
Its all I can eat. well maybe some more?
I have none
eww... im gonna puke!
favorite flavor, what kind? human or pultry?
The best sacrifical element
Is that a type of drink.. with alcohol? if not, lemme draw some from some giants!
Im too subtle for blood. just dont make a mess.

4.) What do you thing of Sexual apeal/flesh?
Yummy food.
Gimme some of that!
ahem, Show that stuff off in private please
We are not one to ask of flesh, more the subtle arts, of nature
Im gonna peel it off you, nice slow, and painfully! then im gonna eat it in some stew.
I live with someone elses covering me, I do not mind it, but it has no effect on me.
Is it coverd in hair?
flesh is for the weak, us cold blood, have scales.

5.) what style are you?
gorey, bondage- and that stuff.
I can have none.
hard, n gory
Creative, and artsy, in public too!
As good as it gets, Im all for lust.
after marriage
A secret ritual art, usually done with many

6.) What do you look like
tall pale and frail
like everybody else
tall Green, and ripped(applies to you to girls!)
Im invisible to all other than my kind.
short stocky, and lots of hair(bad breath too, I had a little much ale this morning) If I smoked pot, would that count for my hieght?
hunched, devilish, furry- and darn proud of it too!
Medium, Scaly(scales are red occasionaly like some sorta disease lookin thing) and pointy teeth.
Goth. I say no more.

7.) How do you talk
I talk shit
Like im big stuff, cause I am!
I do not talk.
of philosophy, romance, and the great beyond.
Truth- hell im greedy 4 sure.
Secretivly, with my band of cohorts.
of magic

8.) If you had a cohort what would be your goals?
I have no idea
I do have cohorts, I will not talk to you, it is secret.
Figuring out magic
How to save the forests, from a dreaded fate- greed
Get all the riches we can get, and then get us a life time supply of acohloic beverages, some whores and Im good to go! id then kill him for it all!!
Domination, power, and destroy our enemies. Being marauders and vagrants i guess.
I work alone.
We exist for a reason, some know, some think they know- and we intend to do it.

9.) how long do you think you will live?
We will expire... some day.
as long as i can, Im afraid to die, Who knows what will hapen!
dont care- long As i fill my lusts of greed and sex! Oh and i have to get drunk/hi while im doing it.
long enough to finish my masterpiece.
I will kill to be killed, tourcher to be tourcherd, I am eternally tourmented. I hope, that I kill at least a thousand before my last breath.
70 years sounds good
We die, but we carry on- as long as my kind lives on enough to change the face of the world- I will die happy.
You cannot put a time limit on me.

10.) how do you plan to live your life?
professional Assassin/hitman
We are doing it right here and now. Is it not good enough for you?
in the shadows
An artist
A crack whore/ prostitue
A magician?
in fear

11.) how are your relations?
in secret.
we get along not so well, It aways ends up violent... lol
I am a controller, not a lover.
dates and marriage, never break those vows!

12.) Shit... Uh, well last one cept more stuff.
joyful, full of love.
I like dead people.
SHORT, Get it? one night stands. lol... hint hint!

13.) What music?
Heavy metal! Rock punk whatever.
Tribal, ritual
gregorian chant
Hear no evil...
who cares? im to high to hear!
I hear no music

14.) Whats your style?
Im goth! Eat it, Actually Ill Eat you! Ill start with your head! or neck
You do not see me.
Arms and armor! I wear that to school every day! lol
tribal clothing, sometimes nude works too.
I am my own, Im indivudual.

15.) What is your fav object from this list?
Minds to control
Whores/drugs/money! i be the pimp daddy
screams of agony
the potion yet to be prefected.
My kind, and my kind only
being holy/ serving god/ Smiting devils

16.) Think your human?
How could I be?
I was...
No, im here to kill them
just dont tell them where i am!
Duh, dumbass.
Im a little short... maybe two or so feet, from five.(about a meter for U outlanders!) Just let me stand on my heap of gold for a second,,,
Im a little different looking... with the feathers and fur and all...
Im skinny, tall my ears are weird, and im pretty pale! probably not!

17.) Are you insane?
Are you?
insanitiy is an unreversable process, It is actually freedom.
Ahem... yes?
Ill make you insane when ill beat your puny skull.
no, im just out of it, making art and other miscalnious products that would blow your mind!
yeah im insane, For money!

18.) what do you think of americans?
Fat ass and lazy!
easy kill...
they are, themselves, I cannot judge people as a whole- one differes from one to the next.
Id like it better if I was bill gates and made 1.7 miillion an hour, and didnt have to do anything!
not enough art and romance... All lust now a days.
the freedom of religion is good, and we can stay secret there too!
dunno I got a one track mind... sorta
People are no fun there.

19.) What do you think is your goal in life?
to die?
You will find out in the years to come.
get all the gold!
to kill everybody! or other wise really disturb them!
I live, I see, I Philosophise, I work, I due my duty, I die.
I said before, To finish my master peice!
Life sucks, than you die. no goal just live to get judged.
Finish that B/S from a long time ago...

20.) what do you think you are?
A Dragon.
A zombie or Vampire!
Evil Ghost or maybe a possesser demon.
A happy wimp.
an elf?
A dwarf!
Psuedo dragon.
Some than neaT! lol

21.) sorry last question

22.) second to last... What are you?
Why the hell should i tell you?
hmmm... to busy at art, Hetero I guess.
Dont care, gimme some!
I have no aparent sex.
What ever is fun! Bi- I guess!

23.) I bet you hate me... Color? did'nt i do this?
Black, duh!
The color of your blood.
I am colorblind.
I like the color...(any) black is not a color, nor is white. White is all, and black is none.
I like the color yellow, that means its time to storm.
colors that work well together, other than that, the colors of the forest, green and brown.
I got it bad for blue!
I like the colors in your head.

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