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» Quiz: Which league of gentlemen character are you?
Which league of gentlemen character are you?
created by vampyrx

From the hit, weird series the league of gentlemen! which weird and wonderful character is most like you!?

1.) Do you speak Fluent German?
I am German
I do speak german
I speak my own language which nobody else understands!
I dont speak german but i speak more than one language!
I only speak English

2.) What job would you most like to have?
Cab Driver
Bin Man
Circus Leader
Work for the Job Centre
Co Own a Corner Shop
Marry my brother and co own a corner shop
Work in a Burger bar
Be a backpacker and not actually work at all
A translator and coach tour guide
Work in a charity shop
B a pop/rock star
Be on the dole for ever!
Be a fireman
None of the above

3.) Are you a gay man?
I'm a gay german man!
Yes I am
Actually I'm a bi man
I'm a woman a straight woman!
I'm a straight man!
I'm a gay/bi woman
I dont know what i am i'm a freak

4.) You would most likely be found saying which of the following.....
Stop it now you nutter!
Its a Shit business
My nipple are like bullets!
In this house....
Hokey Cokey Pig in a Pokey
Can i help you at all?
Don't toads give you warts?
Strangers would come in the shop in gangs of one or two
That should slip down your crack
Youre my wife now
The lesbian and the monkey
You have splashed all over me

5.) Which of the following is your favourite actor?
Reese Shearsmith
Steve Pemberton
Mark Gattiss
I hate them all!
These names mean nothing to me at all!
I like all three equally

6.) And your favourite episode of the league of gentlemen?
Series 1
Series 2
The Christmas Special
Series 3
Live at Drury Lane
Eh i've never watched any!
I love them all

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