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» Quiz: How sexy are you?
How sexy are you?
created by safexxxrules

My Quiz will show you how sexy you are. If you need serious help or if you need to tune it down a bit

1.) You walk into a bar and someone is checking you out, you...
Walk out of the bar, thinking what the hell why are they all looking at me?
Look at them funny, order a drink and leave
Look at them, smile
Smile, walk up to them, leave with there phone number
Smile, lean back against a wall, make them come to you, leave with their phone number, have a date with them by the next two days.

2.) When you are shopping for a swim suit you got to which swim suit section
ME? I wear shorts and a baggy T-shirt to swim
ummmm...a swimming not me thank you.
Normal one piece
a swim suit what?? i go naked!!!!!

3.) How would you rate yourself?
I am ugly, fat, disfigured, have strange lumps all over my body
I'm ok..... i guess
I am a averge, normal person.....I think
I'm a pretty, well groomed, nice person
Any person would fuck me!!!!!!

4.) When you have sex or forplay does the person you are doing it to...
you can have sex with a person??
get out of the room as fast as possible afterwards
lay there, moan a bit
Moan, smile at you, look happy afterwards
Scream your name so loud they wake the neighbors up and ask for more right after you are finished

5.) What do you wear on a normal day?
A t-shirt with stains and holes in it and pants with elastic waistbands
A T-shirt with a hole in it and normal pants
A shirt and jeans
A shirt and tight jeans
A tight shirt and tight leather pants or jeans

6.) Where is the wildest place you ever did anything intimate (besides kissing)?
Imtimate? Whats that?
In my living room with no one around
In a park behind bushes, it was 3 am
On a beach in a private area
Ummm there are so many places to list ...... park, a bus, in my parents bedroom, in a office.....

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