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» Quiz: whats your secret sexual fantasy?
whats your secret sexual fantasy?
created by heathercraig

want to know more about ur secret sexual fantasy. it is ok, i 'll keep it a secret:)

1.) What is your sexual preference?
gay or lesbian
i like everything that can moan
whatever looks good.
girls only
guys only

2.) are you a virgin?
yes, i have never done n e thing.
no, i've been with 17-18-19-20-um...a lot of people.
no.lets keep it at that.
yes, but i have done everything else.
i've always been confused about my sexuality.
yeah except for that time i was raped:(

3.) what is the craziest thing you have done?
nothing. i told you i am a good girl/ boy.
got caught fucking in front of people/at school/ etc.
maybe a lil dressin up or role play
let a guy watch me masturbate or watched him
made out with my same sex
not much sexually but other things, yes.lol

4.) who turns you on the most?
Christina Augelera
Britney Spears
Jenna Jameson
Amy Lee
none of the above.
probably like Brad Pitt, he is so hot

5.) what do u think about sex?
its ok as long as you r in love.
its fun and kinky
i love it.
gotta keep it interesting or it gets boring.
i'm fuckin right now. i am a sex addict.
ewww....sex....um. i want to wait till i am married.

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