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» Quiz: What Harry Potter Character are you?
What Harry Potter Character are you?
created by Broke*N*Side

Take this quiz to find out if you're a Hermione, Ron, or Harry.

1.) When in class, what is the teacher most likely going to remember you for?
I'm the kid that always has an answer for EVERYTHING!!! I unlike you, enjoy furthering my education!
I'm probably the kid that tries to get a giggle out of my friends. Haha!
I was the kid who everyone comes to after class with all their problems. I may pretend to care, but I don't!

2.) What do your group of friends consider you to be?
I'm the smart one of the group. The one who always shares homework!
I'm the leader. Naturally, who wouldn't want to be me?
I'm the one always begging to trade lunches because mine are so crummy. I hate being in a huge family!!

3.) You and your friends have a common enemy. What do you do to get even with him?
I'd watch my friends take care of that. I always mess everything up!
I get even on the sly. If my friends are there or not, I can handle this on my own!
I usually ignore him, but now I think I'll break his nose!
I'll be held back by my friends because they know i'll pummel 'em!

4.) Your walking and it's getting dark. You and your friends have to walk pretty far to get home, but nobody wants to go ahead. What are you doing?
I'm up there alright! I'll get us home safely!
I'm the one checking our surroundings. I have to be cautious! I've only read so many books on this!
I'm in the back of the gang. No way I'm in front! There might be spiders...

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