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» Quiz: R U hot enough for me???(guys plez)
R U hot enough for me???(guys plez)
created by StupidLilPoser

find out here if i would ever consider u to be SEXI!!!

1.) what color/ legnth hair do u have??
short buz cut, cant really tell what color...
long, curly, brown shag doo
blonde bleached, kinda long... i need a hair cut

2.) what religion are you??
Christian and a true one at that
i dont care about GOD

3.) how tall are you??
4 ft to 4' 8
4' 9 to 5' 5
5' 5 to 6 ft

4.) what is your style??
sporty/ preppy
super goth, black lipstick and everything
i dont really have a style, i just wear what i wear

5.) how old are you??
under 12; over 18
13 to 16

6.) would you say you have a nice body??
im skinny but sexi
kinda muscular
im freaking ripped baby!!

7.) do u have plans for the future??
sure i do, i plan on livin with my mom until she kicks me out!
yeah,i know exactly what i want to do and wont let anyone stop me from reaching my dreams
not yet,i like to live life as it is and dont wanna rush things

8.) what bands do u like??
zeplin, marley, rock
zeplin, sonic flood, christian rock
metal and rap!!

9.) what do u like in a woman?
dark hair and goth
light hair, perfect bod and tan skin
dont care, your not superficial, but wouldnt mind havin the babe of your dreams
brains, blue eyes, long blonde hair, big boobs, and i cant settle for anything less

10.) how many relationships have you ben in??
im the king of the ONE NIGHT STAND baby!
a few, but i cant seem to commit to them
a couple... but they weren't easy

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