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» Quiz: How do you feel about quizzes?
How do you feel about quizzes?
created by Chimera

This is a quiz devised to see who among you likes quizzes and who dislikes quizzes.

1.) How do you feel about quizzes regarding anime?
Haven't seen any quizzes on the topic.
Don't really watch anime, but I'm not against the idea of a quiz.
Anime. Woo hoo!
Down with anime!

2.) How do you feel about quizzes regarding sex?
I'm a regular horn dog!
They're okay... I suppose...
Sex? What's that?
I'm studying to be a priest.

3.) What are your feelings about the dreaded color question most quizzes feature?
I'm colorblind. Can't tell blue apart from orange.
I'm only 3 1/2 years old. What's a color?
Roy G. Biv is my best friend.
I wish Roy G. Biv would've died a slow and painful death.

4.) Final question. How did you feel about taking this particular quiz?
It was okay. Not great, but okay.
Never make another quiz again!
Make more quizzes. Please.

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