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created by kinkybondagepunk

hey guys...find out if i'd be your sex slave...rowr!!

1.) wotz ur type of girl?

2.) wotz ur style?

3.) u like piercings on girls?
hell yeah! lotsa kinky ones...rawr!!
yeah, a few
no way! oh dear, my parents wouldn't like that!
ears and bellybutton...thatz about it

4.) are you kinky?
let me get my handcuffs and whip...
i like blood...
oh golly gosh! of course not!
not really...

5.) how would you fuck me?
hard, fast and rough! i'll tie you up, whip you, bite you and fuck your brains out all fuckin nite long!!!
slowly and seductively
i wouldnt...you're scary and dirty!
um, just the usual way...how else?

6.) wotz your hair like?
black with cool colours! in 3 foot high spikes or a huge mohawk!!!
black and over my eyes
short and neat...red, light brown or blonde
brown...not too long not too short

7.) favourite colour?
red, purple, black, flouro
black/red or black/white
tan, brown, grey...
green, blue, orange...

8.) are you a virgin?
wotz a virgin? can you explain while i eat you out? u like the tongue stud babe? grrrr...
no, but girls always hurt me. use me for sex then leave...
of course!!
no, i've done it a few times
shit, i screwed this up...click here if you're a virgin...

9.) describe your personality...
anticonformist! anarchist! dominant, strong, powerful, hot and cool! oi!!
lonely, depressed, wanting acceptance, love and affection and understanding
organised, smart, romantic
i like sports and stuff...

10.) where would you take me on a date?
a loud concert then back to my place...we both know wot we'll be doing! wink wink!!
cemetery or forest
oh, to a lovely restaurant so i could meet your parents
y'know, the movies or something

11.) do you have piercings and tattoos?
hell yeah! wana lick em sexy? rawr!!
a few
oh goodness no!
nah...maybe one day

12.) what would you wear to impress me?
ripped stuff! safety pins, chains, tartan pants...punk's not dead! oi!!
medievil stuff...black and purple and velvet and boots
a nicely ironed, conservative suit
well, i'd look nice, but nothing over the top

13.) we're home alone. i lick your neck and bite your lower lip so you...
jump on me and fuck me so hard it hurts!!
caress my neck then bite it to draw blood
that's dirty! i'm telling my parents!
kiss me and feel me up a little...see where it takes us

14.) you're fucking me. what do i sound like?
screaming loud as hell(harder!! oh god! that hurts so good!! don't stop!! AHHH!!!)!
moaning(ohhhh, ohhhh...)
i'd be reciting poetry for you my love! not that other awful thing!
gasping, panting

15.) what position would you use on me?
everything!! up against a wall, u on top, me on top, from behind...
anything sensual, full or passionate pleasure
missionary or doggy style

16.) fave sex toy/objects?
handcuffs, rope, chains, whip, alcohol, blindfold...
blood, knives, hot wax, ice...
um, i'd give you flowers if we were married
whipped cream, body paint, massage oil

17.) damn...i didn't mean for ther 2 be another question!! well...are you dominant or submissive?
dominant! i wana take over your quivering body and make you mine! (shivers from me! drool!)
i just want our pain to end. love me and let me love you back to stop this hurt inside my bleeding soul
i'm a submissive wimp
a bit of both. whatever feel good

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