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» Quiz: Which Character from Napoleon Dynamite are you?
Which Character from Napoleon Dynamite are you?
created by Bamsgirl118

Do u wish you had good skills or are people jealous of you because you talk to hot chicks on the internet???Find out who you would be if you were in Nypoleon Dynamite!!!

1.) Your favorite animal is :

2.) Do you have good skills?
Oh yes.....I can dance
Yes....being beautiful and popular
I am skilled at numchuks
I can pick up hott chicks...on the internet
I make braclets with colorful beads

3.) What kind of milk do you drink???
I percent
2 percent
Im too cool for milk

4.) What do you use to moisturize your lips??
Um...whatever is on sale at the store!!!
Anything expensive that contains shine and sparkles
I dont use anything...i dont care if i have chapped lips.

5.) What music do you listen to???
Anything as cool as me
Pop....Hilary Duff is so cool
I dont listen to music
whatever im in the mood for

6.) What would u pick as your job?
Selling Plastic...door to door
Working at a store as a checkout person
I work on the internet....picking up hott chicks
I would just work at making myself cool

7.) How do you get places??
My uncles van
By having my brother pull me...
My boy/girl friends cool car

8.) At school everyone....
Loves me and wants to be me!!!!
Makes fun of me and beats me up
Doesnt really notice me

9.) I love my...
everything...im perfect in everyway
Hair....but ill sacrifice it if it gets hot
cool dance moves
cool, hot mama i met on the internet

10.) Your favorite charcter from napolean dynamite is:
Uncle Rico

11.) My personality is...
A monjo cool dude
The girl next door
popular, spoiled brat
mean and old
A control freak

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