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» Quiz: What mythological creature do you represent? (For girls only )
What mythological creature do you represent? (For girls only )
created by fallin_angel

So what exactally are you...?

1.) What is in your wardrobe?
Anything that is cute and pink!!
.....Something black....With chains.......as long as I look different...
Something nice....Low rise jeans and a nice top..
I really don't care what i wear...as long as i'm wearing something..
Something tight and revealing...tube top and a mini skirt!!

2.) Pick a method of suicide.
Fire arm ( gun or maybe even a knife)
Smash a car into a tree with me in it (quick and painless)
Choking my self

3.) What colour of eye makeup do you wear?
Shimmery gold shadow with black mascara and black eyeliner (its the best combination that you can ever think of!!)
A soft pink shadow and pink mascara
...Black, black..and oh more black..
Bronze shadow(it looks awesome with my skin colour!), black mascara, and dark brown eyeliner
dark purple or blue eyeshadow (I want my makeup to stand out), and navy blue eyeliner

4.) What planets do you like the best?
Pluto,..and Uranus...ha get it!! your anus!!
Venus and the sun
The moon...mars..
Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter
Mercury, and earth

5.) So...what did you think of my quiz??
meh! its all right..
I have better things to do..
yeah! its pretty good!
I think that it was the best!!
Uhhh...its good..

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