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» Quiz: Which Sugarcult Bandmember are you?
Which Sugarcult Bandmember are you?
created by MyHipsAreIllegal

Self-explanatory and besides, people don't read these descriptions anyway.

1.) It's Saturday night, what are you doing?
Drinking and having a good time at a party
Sitting around, reading a good book
At the party, but I'm not drinking, I have to worry about getting the drunk ones back home
At the party, sitting around and having a few occasional drinks but mainly looking for new friends
Probably off smoking something

2.) You're getting ready for your concert when you realize you've lost your lucky tie. What do you do about it?
Oh well, there goes another one
Me? Ties? You must be kidding
If I did wear ties, it's no big deal, I could go without it for one night
I'm too high to care

3.) THe infamous question: favorite color?

4.) If you could, what would you play in the band?
Lead singer
Drums or background vocals

5.) When I say Rabid Emo Hamsters, what comes to mind?
Rabid emo hamsters, duh
Hamsters can be emo? Wow
My ex-ex-ex-boyfriend
Is this a trick question?
Where? I don't see any!

6.) DANCE!
My hips are illegal though!
Okay! -turns on disco music-
How about no
Sure! -dances to Macarena-
I don't dance

7.) Girlfriend? What's she like?
Oh yeah, her? She um... absolutely obsessive, and really young, but I love her
-sigh- -insert very long name here- is the BEST!
I wished I had one, but... I don't
He name's really funny!
She's Asian, because Asians ROCK

8.) How do you think people see you?
Cool, cute, funny
I have a giant nose, what else can I say?
Motherly figure -laughs-
Sophisticated, kind of
A total stoner

9.) Favorite band?
Nirvana, Green Day, Elvis Costello, The Beatles
Disco, all the way!
Punk rock, like Nirvana and The Ramones
Easy going music
The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Billy Idol, etc.
...fuck music

10.) Sooo... how are you?
Just great thanks!
Fuck off
Ah, I'm okay
Ask me another question, I kick your ass

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