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» Quiz: What Horse Breed are You?
What Horse Breed are You?
created by horselovers

Discover your inner equine! Take the Quiz!

1.) (As a Horse) You are rolling in the paddock and have just got up to greaze when your rider calls your name from the gate. You:
Lift your head and walk deliberately towards them, picking your feet up nicely as you go.
Freeze; Snort; and look for an escape. finding one, you gallop as fast as your legs will carry you until you're rider gives up and leaves you in peace
Trot merrily over to them to have your ears scrathed and perhaps score a yummy snack!
buck playfully and then canter a few circle to let your human get an eyeful, then trot elegantly towards the gate with your head held high

2.) You are trotting around a riding arena going nicely, on the bit, beautifully collected, yada yada yada when your rider rudely jabs you with their spurs! You:
Think, Ohmygod! and buck HARD! then run straight at the nearest fence, which you jump and then you're on yuor way to freedom!
Cry softly and then get in a snot with your rider and proceed to buck them off
Won't stand for this at all! this is ridiculous! i'm a fantastic horse and don't deserve to be treated like this! i'm calling my agent!
Sigh, then get on with it and do what they say, it is, after all, your duty to do so!

3.) Your dream ride would be:
A walk, trot and maybe a bit of a canter with a novice rider that i can look after and teach them to ride!
A perfect dressage test, then a graceful canter through lush, green fields!
A wild gallop! doesn't matter wher it is, as long as my rider has no control whatsoever!
Cantering gracefully along the beach, the waves lapping at your hooves, your heels kicking up the sand behind you a rider you can have fun with!

4.) Your ideal owner would be:
An experienced rider with whom i can go all the way to the top!
Someone easy to get rid of when you buck
Someone who can appreciate the equine perfection that is you!
a family with heaps of kids who can shower me with love!

5.) Finally, what is your favourite breed of horse?
Arabian, they're so beautiful and intelligent!
Minis, they're just so darn cute!
Friesian, a dark beauty!
A Thoroughbred, equine perfection!

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