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» Quiz: Would I date you? ( Bi or Lesbians Only Plz. )
Would I date you? ( Bi or Lesbians Only Plz. )
created by j12stud

1.) What are you?

2.) How Old R U?
18 o rolder
15 or younger

3.) Do you play sports / which one?
Hell no what do you think I am
yeah Softball, baseball
Hell yeah Basketball Im a baller
No Ima brake my nails
Yeah but another sport

4.) What label r u?
Im just Me
A baller Hip hop style
Gothic/ puncker

5.) Do you live in cali? Where
La Puente
Los Angeles
DuB C ( West Covina )
other state

6.) Where would you want to go on a date?
no where

7.) What are you into?
Dike/ butch
Both a person who dresses as a girl & guy

8.) Does apperance matter?
Yes U gotta be fine
No your koo the way you are as long as your --------------
Gotta B descent
LOL I dont know

9.) Are you out?
Not at all
Yes how could you not tell Im reppin rainbow all the time
out to friends Not parents
out to family not friends
In the closet
cupple people know only the people I trust

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