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» Quiz: Which of the great dragons would you be?
Which of the great dragons would you be?
created by Kiwikat1713

1.) How did u become the leader of your clan?
I started to lead my people, and they happily followed.
I just did my own thing and they came to me, and kinda made me their leader.
I was elected leader from my fellows.
I follow no one.
I made myself ruler!
I stepped up to position after no one else would.
I thought I was alone, but a few followers do follow me.
My clan has no leader.... no followers....

2.) Your place of peace?
A lush, shady hidden spot deep within a jungle, or forest.
Clouds, high mountain peaks, high place, with warm and cool drafts.
High snowy mountain peak, somewhere cold and at peace...
A deep hidden cave in the heart of a volcanic canyon. Somewhere warm, dark, and where i can be alone, in peace.
A volcano!!! SOMEWHERE HOT HOT HOT!!! and dangerous! mwahhahahhaha!
A nice large place in a stream or river or pond, possibly the ocean, where no one could see me underwater.
A deep dark crevice on the very deepest spot of the ocean, cold and dark, murky and uncommunicable to the above world.
The void of space i call my home... the stars and planets are my only.

3.) Your place of war?
A deep bottomless canyon where the ground is unsteady and there is rocks and nothing else. Prone to earthquakes.
The very heart of a massive twister, a huge stormcloud with lightning and winds raging about.
A high frozen peak of a mountain, where i can observe the enemy from afar.
A plateau, higher than any mountain, where the ground cracks to hot magma and storms rage day and night, where the sun never shines.
The beach, where i can easily escape, and crash waves upon my foes.
In the very eye of a massive hurricane far far out to sea.
An errupting star, omniously heading for a black hole.

4.) What do you eat?
Plants, fish, animals, anything that is good to eat!
Fish, animals, I don't like plants, but i'll eat them when i have to.
plants mostly, but i do eat animals occaisionally. I don't like to kill them though.
Any animal that is dumb enough to venture too close to my liar. I don't eat plants, fish are ok. But the blood...
ANYTHING THAT I KILL... WHICH IS basically anything that pisses me off.... which is a lot of things.
I like the underwater plants, crustacions, and occasionally fish.
Deep sea fish, and especially the big sharks!
Anything i can catch on my planet... or plants i can find...

5.) Can you fly?
Heck no, I'd fall like a rock if i tried!
How can i not? my life is in the air!
Nope... kinda wish i could sometimes...
Sometimes.... not greatly, but if i have wings i can fly pretty well.
Why would i wanna do that?
NO! I don't really like much above water.
Yes... but not with wings...

6.) What kind of armor do you wear to battle?
A bronze colored armor, a metal that's extremely strong and hard... blunt spikes and a club like tail piece.
A thin, lightweight, but strong dark gray metallic kind, as it lets me move very fast and can conduct electricity. I have a pronged tailpiece.
A bright golden color, smooth and comfortable, but very effective. I have a smooth tailpiece.
A silvery thin armor, with thin spikes. I have a small spiked tailpiece, which inflicts posion.
An orangy bronze gold color, with cruel jagged spines and a spikey tailpiece, all which i can heat up before battle.
A silvery bronze color.... Thin but strong, very smooth with tiny spikes on the edges.
A dark silver... i don't need to use it much though... a trident tailpiece.
I don't wear armor at all... if i had to though it'd be golden silver.... spikey...

7.) How will the world end?
When humanity ends itself!
Somehow, someday... dunno how though.
The next ice age.
Interstellar armageddon.
When the world's glaciers finally melt and the earth is restored to the giant sea it was once before.
A massive earthquake spawning two giant tidal waves.
The same way mine did my friend...

8.) Purpose in life?
To bring justice.
To heal and bring happiness.
To find my purpose with my stars gone...
To kill.
To bring peace to the world.
To find my lost love.
Can't do anything... life's in a cycle and there's no use telling anyone.

9.) Is the glass half empty, or half full?
Half full, half empty... waddya wanna know?
Half full of air.
Right now full. Life is full.
Just drink a little and you wouldn't have that problem.
What's in the glass?
I'd take it and spill it all out... then it's all empty...
Does it really matter?

10.) What about love?
It happens...
Don't care for it myself.
It's a great thing.
Broken hearts suck.
Who cares? just kill em and you won't have the problem!
Oh it's ok.... it's there and everything... I never really payed much mind to it.

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