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» Quiz: Where would you be best stationed within the Imperium?
Where would you be best stationed within the Imperium?
created by Razhbad

In the 41st Millenium there is only war, makind is attacked by traitors, heretics and Xenos continuasly your species needs you, but where are you best suited

1.) What do you enjoy most in your spare time?
Furthering my Skills
Sitting down alot
Chatting with my mates
Site Seeing
Reflecting what i should do
Watching Aliens Suffer
Enlightening darkened souls
Gaining imformation
Building things

2.) What is your best skill?
Using the Warp to defeat my enemies
pushing buttons
What Skills
getting cramp

3.) What sentence best suits you?
It go Boom
Tis a bit boring
Human are above every thing else
Die foul creature of the Abyss
why make new stuff when what we have is ok
I'm going to die soon
In the Emperors name
Oh Sinning is wrong

4.) What method is best used in combat?
The correct combat styles apprpriate to the certain battle
strength in numbers
i ain't going to fight
Trained Psykers
Planetary bombardments
Boom Boom Blow things up

5.) What Animal do you think you are most like?
Anything non alien
Animals may be Demoinc
Imperial Eagle
What a stupid question

6.) And Finally your favouriate colour?
Not this question again
Any thing really
wouldn't you like to know

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