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» Quiz: Which Ghost of the Black Zodiac are you? (thirteen ghosts)
Which Ghost of the Black Zodiac are you? (thirteen ghosts)
created by chaotic_angel

Which Thirteen Ghost are you? PICTURES

1.) What would you rather do?
Stare at the living while they go on with their buisness THEN attack
Freak out and smash anything or anyone that comes near me.
Play games with the living, luring them to their death.
Throw everyone around and make sure they are in extreme pain before they die.

2.) If their was a child invading your privacy, what would you do?
Rape the child, tear the child and do horrible violant things to it.
Try to play with it
Scare the shit outta it
Try to sooth the child, and take care of it.

3.) Why are you angry?
You'v died horribly
You've died horribly and haunt a junkyard
You had a box put on your head so you couldnt bite, and you were put to death.
You were spoiled and had everything you could ever want..then you died.
You were addicted to gambling till it cost you your life
You were a whore until you were raped and killed.
You were outspoken and prejudiced so they put you to death
You hate yourself, so you resorted to self mutilation
You were a dumbass and got yourself torn to pieces
Your fat and reley on others to take care of you.
You are stuck with the great burden on taking care of your fatass son
You were burnt in a fire and lost your family which you cared for so much
Your lost, without any meaning. Floating through time and space wondering why your there.

4.) Who do you think is the coolest?
They all suck
The princess is cool
Iv never seen this movie!!! :'(

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