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» Quiz: What O.C. character are you?
What O.C. character are you?
created by lil_moocow

1.) You are:
a person who does not show emotion
the screw up
most likely giving advice
crazy, obbsessive
i like pens..especialy purple ones

2.) What is your sense of style
dorky sweaters, skater pants
dresses, or girly stuff
i wear the same think almost everyday
i wear the same clothes as my dad....he's gay
shorts skirts, high heels
i like punky stuff
i make my own clothes...does that count?

3.) What do you like to do
i like comic books, sailing, and play video games and skateboarding
likes to have fun but is usually depressed
get in street fights
Sleep with people who are not my girlfriend/boyfriend
saiiling, eat ice cream
golf, stalking girls..........you know the usual
i dont do anything im isolated

4.) When your alone you like to
play with plastic horses
cry my eyes out
i am never alone except when im in jail
Im never alone.........im soo popular
fix computers
cut my wrists
i do not play with myself......i swear(oops did i say that out loud)

5.) My favortie holiday is
i do not really like holidays
valentines day
Valentines Day
st. panties day ohoh i mean st patricks day
i love em all
i love new years
POPSICLES, Eggs and pop goes goes the weasle

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