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» Quiz: are you ready to fuck? (virgin girls only)
are you ready to fuck? (virgin girls only)
created by lovely_death_pain_cute

you and your boyfriend are very close and have been going out for a while. then he said that hes ready to take it to something more serious then it already is. hes ready to fuck, but are you?

1.) have you ever lost your verginity before?
maybe soo
why do you want to know cuz you dont know me. (im experienced my the way)

2.) how old are you?
o cay anything older then that is umm i dont know unless your single

3.) how many times do you masterbate a day?
once or twice, im not like that but sometimes i just want it
umm every night except on those horrible months
i say about.... 2or 3 times a day
only... well NevEr

4.) what do you masterbate with?
2 fingers (dont be emberessed, i do it this way somtimes)
i dont my parter does
well duhh, i dont masterbate!
a vibrater or a dilado

5.) do you think this quiz was good?
yea it really helped me a lot! thanks
no didint help nice try though :)
for the last time I DONT MASTERBATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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