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» Quiz: What type of person r u? (Gurlz)
What type of person r u? (Gurlz)
created by L0LL1 pR1Nc3sS

Who r u!?!?

1.) Hobbies
Skateboarding, shopping, listen 2 music
Shop, talk on the phone, slumber parties
Like omg, shop!of course shop! hehe...
play wif my kitty/puppy, shop, look at the clouds and make shapes out of them
partaYYYY!!, dance, extreme sports
baseball, soccer, football
watever who cares im perfect

2.) Music?
who cares? I dont have time music! Im too busy with my friends shopping for me :-D
Rock or rap
Dance MusIc!!! also pop, and hip hop
pop, oldies, country :)
Like omg Of COURSE pop!! uhh duhhhh
umm pop, hip hop, ugh watever
punk rock, pop, rock, R&B

3.) Celebs?
umm Mandy Moore and hilary duff! There good ppl's they're not crazy like other celebs
Avril Lavinge, like Jessica simpson, Britney Spears
Ummm... I dunno who sing the songggg
Jessica Simpson, Britney, Maroon 5, Jesse Macartney
Usher, Green Day, Avril, Chingy
Ashlee, Hilary, Jessica, Yellowcard, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, BLink 182, Green Day, Destiny child.. A lil bit of everything ;-)
Umm... Britney Spears!

4.) Which Celebrity do u like or kinda looks like the celeb or guy u luv?
Chad Michael Murray
Orlando Bloom
Joel 4rm, Good Charlotte
Justin Timberlake
Michael Jackson!!!! LOL!!!!! jk
I dunno, the hottest guy at school

5.) What would u do if someone dropped their books?
like omg r u okay?
walk by and look at strangely
help them of course
uuhhh..i dunno...Im so popular so i wouldnt care..hehe
Walk by without looking, i dont wanna get into it

6.) Perfect guy?
Sweet, romantic, cute, -daydreams-
A fun, outgoing, daredevil
Any hott celeb on the cover of the new magazines every1 likes
sweet, gorgeous, taller than me, blonde hair, blue eyes
Any one hott
sweet, funny, kewl, great friend, hot...Any guy who makes my heart go faster everytime i see him
I dont care i just like hanging out with guys, i cant think of my best guy friend as a boyfriend!

7.) Sports?
OMG finally a question i can relate to! I luv all sports!
who the heck cares!
cheerleading, dancing, basketball, baseball etc.
like Omg Cheerleading!
uhh...anything as long as i dont brake my nail :)
skateboarding all the way! Also softball, or soccer. I dun care as long as its fun
I dont relli care for rough play...But i like sum sports..I just dont wanna get hurt or anything

8.) Shopping?
Sux and a waste of time!
Just 4 me!
kewl, luv it, its fun, but sumtimes i get tired
Its fun! :)

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