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» Quiz: what anime angel are you soon to have pics
what anime angel are you soon to have pics
created by Aloneinhell666

1.) what brings you happiness
seeing the sarrow of others
helping people out
cutting myself
memories from the past
going out and having ab adventure
love and joy sometimes pian and hurt
i have nothing to bring me happiness
seeing people haooy
i dont give a fuck

2.) what do you want most in life
my life to end
to see the distruction of all things
to give happiness to all
to figt for what is right
to know that others can feel my pain
to rember all that is in my life
to see that all in this world are happy
to know that all are with love yet knowing the pain of loseing it

3.) yay the color question what is you fav color
eww pink

4.) do you belive there is a god
no there cant be a any thing greater than man
no so fuck off
yes there has to be
maybe i dont know
yes how would we be here if there wornt
i dont know i dont care
there are many gods
no cause if there wore he wouldnt have let me get hurt so bad

5.) how would you describe yourself
a happy person yet i can be sad at times
all i know is pain and hurt but i dont need your fake caring
i am the knd of person that is all things not only sad or happy
im am content with my self for who i am i dont care if people like me or not
i am happy and i care for many people no mater how they treet me
i am brave and storng i dont realy care what people have to say
i wish i was a happier person
i dont know

6.) why is this world so fucked
because of the people in it
its not so bad its just messed up
well we need to work together to make this a better place
because no one care about any thing or any one
because there is no peace
because to many people are to stupid to fix it
because thats why
i dont care

7.) ok last one and im done why did i make this
because your a dumb ass
because you worer bored
cause you wanted to
i dont care
nothig better to do
why else to make a quiz
ummm uhhhh i dont know

8.) ha ha ha i lied jk i dont care i just am bored so one more question what is your fav cookie
sugar cookie
umm i dont know
i dont like cookie i like death
umm no
why are you asking me this

9.) bla

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