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» Quiz: What Musical Are You?
What Musical Are You?
created by Karma Wiccan

1.) On Friday night you are:
at rehearsal
watching the night sky
gambling with someone else's money
causing trouble
taking care of your little brother and sisters
studying the many uses of herbs or hanging out with your flying monkeys
at the movies
at a protest that turns into a riot
at a dance
out killing things
kissing a rock star

2.) You live with:
your parents and their slaves
your parents and your annoying little brother
your best friend
your girlfriend of 9 years
Too many little girls to count
your enemy turned best friend turned enemy again
your best friend, her girlfriend, your little sister and your ex-boyfriend
you dad and cross-dressing mum
your siblings, manager and lover
your significant other
your owner

3.) Your job:
aspiring film maker
job? What job?
model and dancer
short order cook at day, super hero at night
care taker of an orphanage
sharp shooter
aspiring dancer
jazz singer
manager of a rock star

4.) You live in:
a loft in NYC
an alley
the worst part of NYC
Sweet Apple, Ohio
Sunnydale, California
a mansion so large it's its own city
whatever city you're perfoming in that night

5.) What phrase best summarizes your love life?
I'm in a taboo romance with a person of another race
I've begun to have feelings for someone I once hated
My girlfriend left me for a woman
I'm in love with a virgin mail order bride
What love life?
I'm in love with my assistant
Ive been engaged for 9 years and every time it's time to get married, I get cold feet.
I married some one I used to work with
I'm in love with my best friend's fiancee
I have a steady boyfriend, but I'm still in love with a rock star
I like to share. :)

6.) You are best described as:
young and overly hopeful
overweight, but happy with your life
playful and bendy
conniving and sneaky
innocent and niave
a heartthrob
bitter and needing more in life
distant and lost
broody and depressed
not very bright and easily influenced

7.) Your best friend can best be described as:
an ex-druggie in love with a stripper
clueless and a little retarded at times
wise and smarter than you
someone with the same dreams and aspirations as you
gay, genius and has a tendency to babble
your partner in crime
a cry baby
a gossiper but always there to support you
a bitch who thinks you're evil
a player who has never been in love with anyone but himself
your servent and confidante

8.) Your goal in life is to:
write one great song
end segregation
fall in love
become famous
save the world
go to the Heaviside Lair
find your family
meet Conrad Birdie
show people that you're no different than any of them
avoid getting arrested
become F- R- Double E, FREE!

9.) Your parents:
can never find you
are two men, but they are happily in love
support your life style
are divorced, your mom is dead and your dad is nonexistant
take care of you even though you're old enough to take care of yourself
gave you up when you were a baby
can be annoying at times, but you love them
it's just my dad and my grandmother, my mom died giving birth to my sister
don't give a fuck about you.
are oblivious

10.) Which quote best suits you?
"Ever since puberty, every body stares at me. Boys, girls, I can't help it, baby!"
"I can hear the bells. Well, can't you hear them chime? I can hear my heartbeat keeping perfect time. And all because he bumped me"
"I've got the sun in the morning and the moon at night."
"Left the theater and called the doctor for my appointment to buy- tits and ass. Bought myself a fancy pair. Tightened up the deirre. Did the nose with it all that goes with it"
"If my heart could beat, it would break my chest, but I can see that you're not impressed, so let me reast in piece!"
"You may think me as mad as a hatter when I tell you that a cat must have 3 names"
"There's always tomorrow, It's only a day away."
"There are men with childhood behind them. Handsome men from Yale or Perdue. Bright young men, don't know what they're missin' I've got a lotta living to do"
"Let his flesh not be torn, let his blood leave no stain, though they beat him, let him feel no pain!"
"Sue me! Sue me! What can you do me? I love you!"
"Lovely, all I am is lovely. Can't sew nor cook nor read or write my name"

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