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» Quiz: Think you can turn me on? Try it - let's see!!! (For Bi's and Lez's)
Think you can turn me on? Try it - let's see!!! (For Bi's and Lez's)
created by scorpio_babe82

1.) We're sitting in a movie theatre. You reach over for something & your lips brush mine. Would you?
Just ignore it & keep watching the movie
Feel horny, but think of saving it for later. Not in public.
You kiss me slowly, softly and then work your way up my legs and take me with you finger

2.) You're sitting on the couch watching TV when I come up from behind and sensuously whisper in your ear and ask you to come with me to the bedroom. Do you?
Sit there. You can't miss your favourite TV show.
Ask me to stay with you and make out with me on the couch?
Get up and start kissing me, then take me to the room taking my clothes off as you go?

3.) What turns me on the most?
Soft kisses all over my body
Whisper in my ear what you wanna do to me while doing it at the same time
Start off slowly and work me into a frenzy by going down on me

4.) I'm in the middle of making out with him/her when you walk in. Do you?
Excuse yourself politely and say you'll come back later?
Feel horny and sit and watch, but not join in?
Take advantage of the fact that you've got 2 people in bed with you instead of one?

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