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» Quiz: What kind a sex do you like?
What kind a sex do you like?
created by kenram66

1.) Do you like vaginas?
Oh yes.
NO, yuky
Yeah, but I like mouths better
I like everything
Yeah I like to see a dick go into one nice and hard
I am a guy and I love them

2.) Have you had sex with a member of the same sex?
God, no
Yeah, and she was good
That guy really knew how to work a butt hole
yeah, but they just licked me
Yeah, when no one was looking

3.) Favorite setting for sex
after hanging out with friends
After kissing on the dance floor
In a public restroom
In a sex club
In my parent's house
At my house, after a date

4.) Most likable smell.

5.) Do you have sex for
Because I am in a relationship
Because that guy is hot
Because I like the way it taste
Because I like to socialize
the joy of seeing a penis going in and out of a vagina

6.) For the sex you like, do you need birth control?
No, two men can't have babies
Yes Or I'll get pregnant!
You can't have a baby in your mouth
No, no one every thinks about birth control, they just do it.
Hell ya
Silly, two women can't have babies!!

7.) Favorite groups
Snoop Dogg
Depeche Mode, The Smith, Culture Club, Elton John
Indigo Girls
Lil Kim
Lil Jon, dirty south
Whatever is on the radio.

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