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» Quiz: What friend or foe are you?
What friend or foe are you?
created by kenram66

1.) How often do you bathe?
Twice a week
When ever I smell
Once a day
twice a day

2.) Are you more apt to participate in
a ceremony celebrating the death and making voodoo dolls
A truck railly
Student counselor

3.) You have sex
When I can
One or twice a week
With my hand
Like meals: Three times a day

4.) Are you
Environmentalist who enjoys outdoor sports and loving making
An overacheiver in high school, only to become addicted to E & flunk out of college
A smart ass atheist who thinks he knows everything
A gorgeous person who enjoys video games and really get along with people
A starving talent who want to be discovered

5.) Pick a Crime
Serial Murder
Stealing from the job
Selling drugs
Rape--you like to control people

6.) Were you
Fat at one time
Raised by hippies
Forced to leave an interracial relationship because your parents did not approved
Taught that poor people were not to pitied
So depressed after a break-up that you went to therapy.

7.) You want to be:
a person that works with dead bodies
A doctor
An environmentalist lawyer
A writer/social worker/counselor/teacher

8.) It is ok to
Have sex with animals
Kill annoying people
Steal from your employer--they ain't giving you shit
Get help for mental disorders
Knock people out of the way if they are in the way!!

9.) Political Affilation
Liberal love the environment, peace man
Conservative Democrat
I don't vote!
Cold hearted Republican
It doesn't matter as long as I make money, right?

10.) Pick a color
money green

11.) Jessie is on the side of the road. It is 10 pm and she needs a ride. WHat do you do?
Drag her in, and I am the last one who saw her
Give her a ride and drop her off, tell her to call me if she needs anything
Try to have sex with her, but if she says no, I'll take what I want and dump her on the side of the road- alive. I am superior!!!!!!!
Pick her up and instead of going to her distination, we will go hang out and probably become good friends for then on out
Pick her up. Tell some jokes. Drop her off, but she has to pay for gas.

12.) Pick a zodiac sign
Libra or Aries
Aquarius or Leo
Capricorn or Cancer
Gemini or Sagittarius
Taurus or Scorpio

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