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» Quiz: Are you someone I would have sex with? (Girls only Please)
Are you someone I would have sex with? (Girls only Please)
created by Inix

A simple quiz to see if we would match, and if so, Would there be lots of Hot, sweaty sex involved?

1.) What is your physical aperance and general style of dress?
Dark and Brooding. Black clothing and alot of jewelry.
Kinda Blah. Just whatever works and seems to be clean and/or look decent.
Pricey Prep. Someone that wears alot of A&F and shops at The Gap.
Slutty. Alot of short skirts, tube tops and Thong undies.
Sheltered. Long dresses, no makeup. Usualy because of religous belief, or just a total lack of Style.

2.) What do you look like? Body Type.
250 pounds or more. Eat all day and rarely get up off your fat ass.
100 or Less. Rarely eat, or throw up after you do. Very thin.
Thin, but athletic. Usualy spend time working out or playing sports. You've got a 6 pack and a good amount of toned muscle.
Average. Not totaly fit, but not fat either. Just all around kinda in the middle.
A few extrta pounds. Weather it's all in one place or spread over your body, it seems to add curves and not rolls.

3.) What music are you into?
Rap and Hip-Hop
Pop and Soft music
Rock and Pop-Rock
Hard Metal

4.) What do you like to do with a guy most?
What? Spend time with a guy?
Make him spend his money on you.
See a movie and get something to eat.
Cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. Maybe something more.
Fuck him on the doorstep when he comes to pick you up.

5.) What Color is your hair?
3 or more colors.
I've got no hair!

6.) What kind of guy do you like most? (Out of the choices below)
Loudmouth assholes. Usualy treating women like objects and only use them for sex.
Sensitive Artists. Most of the time they are crying and writing. Or Crying and painting. Or Crying and singing.
A man's man. Obnoxious and drunk half the time. Sitting in front of the TV watching the game and asking you to get them and their buddies more beer.
Sophistocated, Spends alot of time in a suit, droning on about this and that. Things that are of no real use but make them feel smart.
Kinda Average. A guy that isn't afraid to cry, but isn't overly emotional. Someone who is usualy pretty nice but can be an asshole.

7.) What type of penis turns you on the most?
Small and thin.
Long and thin.
Huge. 10 inches or more
Average length but Thick

8.) What do you spend your free time doing?
Shopping and gosip with your girlfriends
Studying and preparing for Med-School
Sitting around watching TV and surfing the 'Net
Being depressed and laying in bed.
Listening to Music, and/or writing.

9.) What's your favorite position?
Missionary (Guy ontop of girl)
What, What kind of position?
Cowboy. (Girl ontop of Guy)
Doggy Style. (I think this one explains itself)
69. (Again, self-explanitory)

10.) How tall are you?
4' 10 and under.
4' 11 to 5' 2
5' 3 to 5' 7
5' 8 to 6'
Over 6'

11.) What's your bra size?
A cup.
B cup.
Bra? What's a Bra?
C cup.
D cup or larger.

12.) Do you shave?
I never shave anything. I'm all natural!
Of course, I shave everywhere.
Just my legs.
Everywhere but the Bush
I like to Trim

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