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» Quiz: Insane clown posse quiz, Juggalo or Poser?
Insane clown posse quiz, Juggalo or Poser?
created by Tha_Joker

Find out if ur a strait up juggalo or jus tryin to impress tha real juggalos.

1.) How many members are in ICP?

2.) The members of ICP all have tha same first name , whut is it?

3.) Whut are the band-names tha members go by?
Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope
AnyBody killa(ABK), Jumpsteady
Esham, Jumpsteady
Dont hav NE

4.) Whut waz the previous name used by tha members of ICP?(whut waz there street/gang name?)
Hatchet Family
Tha Dark Carnival
Insane Jester Gang
Inner City Posse

5.) Whut was tha Story they were trying to tell through music?
Story of tha Dark Carnival
Hatchet warrior story
Tha story of tha jesters/jokers
There isnt a story

6.) Did all tha members hav dreads?
No, only one did
they didnt evere have dreads, they had braids

7.) Well weather they were dreads or braids, why did one of them have to shave them off?
Never did
No reason
A new look
For a Movie

8.) Well if they made a movie whut waz it called?
Never made a movie
no names, they were music videos
Big money hustlas
Tha history of Insane Clown Posse

9.) There were origanaly thought that there was supossed to be 7 joker cards but in tha end how many are there?

10.) whut joker card was tha master of Necromancy?
Tha Great Milenko
Tha Amazing Jeckle brothers
Carnival Carnage
Tha Wraith
Tha Ring Master
Tha Riddlebox

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