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» Quiz: Are you Attracted to your friend?
Are you Attracted to your friend?
created by StrawberryGashes

This quiz will ask you a series of questions to determine how you feel about your friend, The answers also reveal a little advice on what you might/should do...

1.) Your friend comes over and sits next to you, They gaze into you eyes and slowly bring their hand up towards your face...what do you do?
i gazed back at them, and kiss them of course!! how wonderful would that be?!
i would look at them back, then smile...
i dont know, i think i would just pretend that i dont see it, then look at them when they turn away...i could turn that into a game!
i take their hand and shake it, while looking them in the eye, thats the friendly and polite thing to do
i would get up, and move away...then talk to someone else

2.) Your group is at the movies and your friend is there too. You are al chosing where to sit..what do you do?
i shove everyone out of my way to get a seat next to them.
i would like to sit next to them, i REALLY would, but larry is in my seat...
I'd sit next to them and my best friend, therefore i have 2 friends next to me:D
tch! who cares! i'll sit anywhere, preferably next to my best friend

3.) Its just you two, everyone is gone. what do you do?
Kiss them, tell them that i love them
i'd flirt and perhaps make little moves
perhaps i'd flirt a bit, i dont know
talk, like we always do, what else?
i wouldn't stay with them, i'd walk out with everyone first!

4.) If they asked out out, what you you say?
umm, ok, why not:)
i dont know, let me think about this for a few days
i think it would mess up your friendship we have
no thanks

5.) If you ever broke up what would you do?
i would cry myself to sleep ::kills self::
i would be hurt, but eventually i would be fine
i dont know what i would do...hmmm ::thinks::
would i even go out with them in the first place?!

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