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» Quiz: What's your symbol?
What's your symbol?
created by sweetsixsixsix

I can only think of a few. . . .ha yeah right but I'm only listing a few broad ones almost everyone should understand. What are you muthafuckers doing still reading, you should be taking my stupid fucking quiz!

1.) The overrated question. Better to get it out of the way. What is your favorite color?
Grey. . .like the smoke that hung around after that last bomb.
Black. You have fucking problem with that?
White, yellow, blue or pink.
Every color of the fucking rainbow!
Blood fucking red
blood red and black, or dark purple and black, or both

2.) This quiz is going to suck, I can tell.Do you know what absinthe is?
No, but it sounds like a dangerous chemical....
Yes, and it is the vain of my existence. . .do you have any?
An illegal drink, also called the Green Fairy or Faerie, made of wormwood, and known for it's high potency and bright green color.
No! The Lord is not pleased!
Sounds familiar
Fuck yeah! I keep it backstage at every concert!

3.) What lyrics appeal to you most?
Goddamn your righteous hand. . .I eat innocent meat/the hoisewife i will beat/ the prolife i will kill/what you won't do i will/
I am an antichrist and I am an anarchist. . . .
. . .And i welcome your sweet six six six in my heart
AMAZING GRACE. . . .The Lord is not pleased with you, you little minion of evil! The other lyrics are evil!

4.) Pick a band out of the following:
I ahte all of them.
Marilyn Manson
Dope Stars Inc
some religous band
LEd Zeppilen, AC/DC, Metallica

5.) I say Marilyn Manson, you say:
Is he an anarchist?
Do you like Antichrist Superstar or Mechanical Animals more?
Good band. Good man. In a wickedly evil way I admire.
I like the 42 second guitar intro to The Beautiful People, but thats about it
Bad, bad man. He will burn in Hell for his sins!
Not a bad band, but just a little to hardcore for my taste.

6.) Pick a quote
The Lord is thy savior!
Um how about I don't?
I did it all just for her (or him) love wants us dead, love's heart is death for me and my poison girl (or boy)
Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll
Sex, Blood, and Rock N Roll
Light a candle for the sinners, set the world on fire!

7.) Matt Zane.
AH! He is against the lord! Run!
Society 1 is cool. . ..
You can't just tease us, you have to please us.....Slacker Jesus
I love his pentagram tattoo.....

8.) Drugs.
Are you headed to seven eleven? I have the munchies all of a sudden. . ..
I orefer in a drink.....absinthe
Drugs are bad, mmmmmkay?
Yes, and? You didn't finish your question.
Sex wouldn't be the same!
I've done them all.

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