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» Quiz: What type of wolf are you?
What type of wolf are you?
created by Cleo Rawna

Well why don't you read the title!!? Answer the questions, get the result!

1.) Pretend you are a wolf. You are hunting a sick deer. Do you:
Go in and hunt the animal on your own. You always need a chalenge to keep you going
Co-oparate with your pack-thats the easy way to get a good meal
A deer? No way! I'm hunting an arctic rabbit
I don't need to hunt. I'll just get some chicken from the fridge..

2.) Humans have moved into the area. Do you:
Discuss what to do with your pack members-then everyone will be happy
Move out. We're defenceless against humans..
I decide what to do in my own time. I like to do things my way after all and no-ones going to stop me
Ermm. Well I'd stay. What can a human do?

3.) The alpha male has died. Do you:
Have a meeting with your pack and decide whats best for everyone
Well I guess the same as the one above
male what?! This quiz is getting boring...zzzzzzzzzz
I don't have an alpha. I do what I want, not what another wolf wants

4.) OK, I just had to include this coz I couldn't think of anything else. OUT OF THESE, what is your favourite colour?
Red or black
Sumthing thats not to do with wolves I think - blue?
Orange rules man!!
Cream like me!!! or maybe green, coz it rymes!!

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