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» Quiz: is your dick good enough for my pussy (guys only)
is your dick good enough for my pussy (guys only)
created by yourdickinme

see if your dick is good enough for me

1.) If i were to be moving steadily closer rubbing your knee what would you do?
move away
Moan and squirm
You would moan loudly stripping me puling your pants down and jump me not wasting any time to shove your dick up me
slolwy undress me and fuck me
Do nothing

2.) If i were to ask you to fuck me what would you do
Say no and run AWAY!
Hesitate and say no
Eagerly shove it up me as i moan to pleasure
fiddle and tease me then slam it up me all of it
Slowly undress me and fuck me

3.) If we were swimming at night alone what would you do
nothing just swim
Swim over and pull my pants down then yours fucking me hard letting our unders float away
Fuck me

4.) If were were bF g/f and we were making out on my bed alone what would you do?
Just kiss me
Strip me and you in a record time and fuck me hard
Grab my ass and finger me

5.) What would happen if we started arguing during sex?
You would say aw fuck this and do me like you have never before
Sit and pout
Shrug and agree with me

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