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» Quiz: What SuPeR HeRo Would You Be?
What SuPeR HeRo Would You Be?
created by lalalahollywood

Find out what super hero you would most likely be if you were a super hero!

1.) Would you rather...
Climb up walls
Destroy cities
Create weather using your mind
Just save the city

2.) What is your favorite color?

3.) Are you male of female?

4.) What is your temper like?
I'm a really nice all american guy
I'm usually good unless someone messes with my friends
Sometimes I cannot control my anger, and when I get mad, I get mad.
When there are evil doers about, I get mad!
I have a somewhat bland personality and I usually stay that way, mad, happy, sad, suprised, no matter what.

5.) Would you consider yourself...

6.) Who would be your side kick if you were a super hero?
One girl that is dear to my heart.
I don't have a side kick, but I do what I do because I love someone a lot.
I'm too strong for a sidekick!
Anyone from the X-Men
A younger cuter version of yourself

7.) Are you more into
Saving one person
Saving many people
Not caring really much who you save and kill
defeting evil
protecting a city

8.) You are a(n):
Ordinary guy with a career
college kid
Just a man with a plan
A woman who knows what she wants
A man that is very rich

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