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» Quiz: Which Classic (Deceased) Film Actor Are You?
Which Classic (Deceased) Film Actor Are You?
created by peterwimsey

Find out what you share in common with the stars of yesteryear.

1.) Who's your ideal leading lady?
Ingrid Bergman.
Ava Gardner.
Grace Kelly.
Who cares? You know she's just going to run off with John Agar anyway.

2.) You arrive home to find a fateful telegram: you've been drafted. Your response is to:
Drown your sorrows in Scotch, then pull yourself together, act like a man, and go off to do your duty.
Stand up straight and promise to fight to the end, even if it means going down with the ship.
Join the Air Force and become a highly decorated bomber pilot.
Hide on a Hollywood backlot, then make an endless stream of movies about war in the hope of deluding people into thinking you actually fought in one.

3.) If there's one role you wish you'd never taken, it's:
A freaky white-haired scientist/vampire dude.
Douglas MacArthur.
A Czech retail employee in love with a woman he's never met.
Genghis Khan.

4.) In which of the following places would you feel most comfortable?
Rural Alabama.
San Francisco.
Any place with canyons and no trees.

5.) One value that's of paramount importance to you is:
Self-sacrifice. Sometimes doing what's right means giving up what you want most in the world.
Justice. No matter what the risk to yourself, you want to see the innocent freed and the guilty punished.
Compassion. You firmly believe that if you treat other people kindly, they'll treat you kindly in return.
Bluster. You like to put on a show of tremendous courage. You've got nothing to back it up, of course, but you put on the show nevertheless.

6.) You've been asked to give a speech at a Toastmasters' convention. Your response is to:
Demur. After all, you're no good at making speeches.
Deliver a rousing address that enthralls the audience with your charisma.
Stutter and stumble your way through the speech, but in such a charming way that after it's over half the women in the audience ask you to marry them.
Adopt a drawl so thick that it takes ten minutes to get through one syllable, then sneak out when everyone falls asleep.

7.) One book you just can't put down is:
For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway.
Moby Dick by Herman Melville
Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
Your autobiography.

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